“The Significance of Insignificant Matter”

Gallery in the Attic

An entire body of work, carefully imagined, envisioned, and executed, now fills the Work Room at Gallery in the Attic.

It’s the brainchild of Lyall Brownlee, and you’ll probably either love it, or hate it. Lyall’s work has an effect on you; you can’t be neutral towards his creations, they demand your attention.

The current show includes painting, sculpture, video and animation, but it all works together and its parts speak to the whole. He’s been called the “Tolkein of weird” by Trout in Plaid… but personally I think he’s the love-child of Matt Groening and Hieronymous Bosch. Read his artists’ statement below, then come see the show to decide for yourself.  ~ EF

On till the 29th of March, Tuesday-Saturday 11AM-5PM


The Significance of Insignificant Matter
by Lyall Brownlee

In our physical universe extraneous particles of matter are organized by invisible forces to become the objects which form…

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First Annual Spark Photo Festival – Registration

The SPARK PHOTO FESTIVAL is a celebration of photography, and the artists, dreamers, innovators, storytellers, professionals and enthusiasts behind the camera lens.

Every year, the month of April will mark the arrival of numerous photographic exhibits and artists, workshops, lectures and other related photographic events and activities in locations throughout the Greater Peterborough Region.

The festival sponsored Showcase exhibit for April 2013, will feature the Balsillie Collection of Roy Studio Images for the first time ever curated from a photographer’s point of view.

All other exhibits feature an open call for registration.


A free first time exhibitor workshop held on Saturday, January 12, 2013, 9 am to 1pm at the Peterborough Public Library Auditorium

8:30 am to 9:00 am Registration/Meet & Greet
9:00 to 1 pm Presentations, Q&A, Handouts

To register, please send a confirmation email to marlis@sympatico.ca. Please include your name, mailing address, phone number, website (if any) and most important, your email address.


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Two Openings At Artspace Tomorrow – January 11, 2013

Main Gallery

David R. Harper
When Aura Is Made

The elusive aura – a field of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding a person or object often connoting a particular power or holiness. Although it said that all living things (including humans) and all objects manifest such an aura, it remains a mystery as to how one can actually go about doing this. This exhibition considers the ways in which humans try to harness the spirituality or power of a living thing through reproduction and re-creation. Taxidermy, museum display cases, artificial light and color patterning are just some of the methods explored here.


Clare Samuel
Otherwise Than This

The title of this installation comes from Otherwise Than Being, a text by philosopher Emmanuel Levinas who emphasises the face as what calls forth a responsibility for the Other. The phrase also refers to the changes and disappearances of the image that occur here as the same photograph undergoes three different versions of erasure. The action of the piece is literally one of de-facing, but the bright colours and the subject’s calm expression suggest a willing surrender to our gaze, and to destruction.

The work was created by submerging a photographic print in water and slowly adding chemicals, causing the three layers of dye-couplers to release from the paper (cyan, magenta and yellow). Thus a dialogue is created between the still and moving image, and between digital and analogue processes. The three projections echo the three colour components of the c-print. The form of the triptych also references religious imagery, and the reverence for an infinite ‘Other’ that icons create.

Show runs: Jan 11 2013 – Feb 28 2013

Opening: Friday January 11, 2013 – 7:00pm – 11:00pm

378 Aylmer Street North
Peterborough, ON, Canada
K9J 7X6
t: +1 705 748 3883
Hours: Tue/Wed 12-6, Thu/Fri 12-8, Sat 12-4

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Later 2012 you were a good year, but I’m glad you’re over.

Between Selling a house, work, moving, and finally the holiday season the last 8 months of 2012 have been quite hectic. The dust has now settled and I am excited to have time again to invest in my various artistic endeavors including updating my blogs. It was a good year. many positive changes were made, but I’m glad it’s behind me, and it’s time to move on.

I’d like to take this reflective post to give props to one of my best buddies, my studio mate, Electric City local, and all around great guy Zack Wood for having his and Andy Decola’s show The Boys From Nowhere this past fall at Neubacher Shor voted #5 on NOW Magazines top 10 art shows in Toronto in 2012!

All the best everyone. I hope 2013 treats you well.

# 5. Andy DeCola and Zack Wood

Neubacher Shor Comtemporary, September 5 to October 6

It was fun to see two skilled painters take a similar approach in divergent and original directions. In The Boys From Nowhere, DeCola’s eye-searing ice cream palette and opaque veils of imagery contrasted with Wood’s dense and weirdly novel layering of photographic and graphic elements. Both were excitingly bold.

via NOW

zack now 1

zack now 2

To check out some more of Zack’s work go to his WEBSITE.

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Check It Out / December 17, 2012 – Jordan Speer

Check it out:


jordan speer 6 jordan speer 7 jordan speer 8 jordan speer 9 jordan speer 10 jordan speer 1 jordan speer 5 jordan speer 4 jordan speer 3 jordan speer 2

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Check It Out / November 27, 2012 – Macro Co

Black and White drawings by Chilean artist living in Buenos Aires, Macro Co.

Via: juxtapoz.com

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B.A. Johnston – Snow Shovel Blues/Hot Nerd

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Gallery in the Attic & Little Red Hen’s inaugural holiday show opens tonight!

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AGP Openings Tonight

Shows run
Nov 10, 2012 – Jan 6, 2013

Opening Reception
Friday November 16, 7 pm – 9 pm

Suzy Lake: Political Poetics

Suzy Lake: Political Poetics is produced and circulated by Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival and the University of Toronto Art Centre.

Media Release

Suzy Lake’s rigorous and challenging approach to art making over the past 40 years marks her as a seminal figure in Canadian visual art. One of the pioneers in body-based work, Lake has developed a significant and coherent practice that examines both politically and aesthetically the experience of gendered embodiment.

Lake’s photo-based and performative explorations of the body, femininity and beauty move beyond straightforward or simplistic critique to offer instead a powerful and nuanced investigation into the experience and expression of female identities in the context of contemporary political, social and media environments. Her work opens up the fraught relationship between image and identity that has become a central concern of late 20th and early 21st century art practice.

Focusing on works from four decades of Suzy Lake’s interdisciplinary practice, Political Poetics highlights Lake’s most recent time-based photographic work and frames it in the context of her career-long exploration of embodiment. Performing for her own camera, Lake has produced a complex body of work that politically and aesthetically engages with her self as both the figure and the contextual ground of vision.

The exhibition explores an underappreciated aspect of Lake’s practice and contends that the formal aesthetic is one of the central positions through which Lake engages with the political. The poetics of Lake’s works, their insistence on necessity of the visual within a conceptual framework, provides a space for understanding her explorations of the body, femininity, and beauty. Her work underscores the importance of the camera as the ground of contemporary visual culture by making its operations a key figure in her work.

Suzy Lake: Political Poetics is produced and circulated by the University of Toronto Art Centre. The exhibition is accompanied by a colour publication with essay by the curators and Dot Tuer.

Curated by Dr. Matthew Brower and Carla Garnet

Nicole Bauberger

Nationally- recognized, Peterborough-born, now Whitehorse-based Nicole Bauberger contends that 16th century artist Artemisia Gentileschi’s self-empowerment arose through painting, in the midst of the misogyny of the period. In her 1988 Artemisia Gentileschi’s self-empowerment suite Bauberger undertakes through self portraiture a re-telling of a Renaissance artist’s experience of painting. She does this by creating two self-portraits using herself as the stand-in for Gentileschi.

The paintings are titled: A Repainting of Self Portrait as the Allegory of Painting by Artemsia Gentileschi, 1630, chained and A Repainting of Self Portrait as the Allegory of Painting by Artemsia Gentileschi, 1630, unchained.

Bauberger also creates a 16th century journal in which she recounts her experience, writing, “The Artemisia series, a sustained act of re-imaging the works of Gentileschi was, in a sense, a re-imagining undertaken through the careful absorption and re-telling of the 16th century artist’s experience of painting. The performance over time of the learning and retelling bears strong links to the structure of storytelling, and reminds us of the deep and often all-too-easily-forgotten – perhaps, denied – links between visual and oral culture.”

Jennifer Linton: The Disobedient Dollhouse

Jennifer Linton’s art practice addresses gender-related issues and the experiences of both childhood and motherhood using a combination of drawing, print making and installation.

The artist constructs her dollhouse using lithographic prints to create trompe l’oeil walls, furniture and home decor, all of which display her diaristic approach to artmaking. She then arranges dream-like, jointed, movable paper dolls within her 2-storey box-tableaux.

These same paper dolls are brought to life in a stop-motion animation titled Domestikia: The Incident in the Nursery, 2012, which will screen as part Linton’s AGP exhibit. Linton’s highly-detailed, Victorian-style dollhouse interiors present a storybook view of domesticity while also performing its critique. Although one of the rooms shows a conventional Victorian domestic scene with a woman playing piano, the woman is depicted as a hybrid creature with a bird head. Along these lines, gigantic insects infiltrate the room and swarm across Linton’s hand-painted damask wallpaper, disturbing the inherent sentimentality with, as the artist puts it, “a dark, secret world that churns just beneath the veneer of domestic perfection.”

Art Gallery Of Peterborough
250 Crescent Street
Peterborough ON K9J 2G1
phone 705 743 9179
fax 705 743 8168

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Check It Out / November 16, 2012 – Sean Morris

“Sean Morris is an Australian Hero. His works define an alternative narrative of Australian and Low-Culture. The worlds he creates are a saturated reality that I find repulsive and beautiful because it’s all too familiar” – Kid Zoom

Via: www.illsean.com

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Check It Out / November 15, 2012 – Marigold Santos

“Marigold Santos pursues an inter-disciplinary art practice involving drawn and printed works, sculpture, animation, and sound. She completed her BFA in Print at the University of Calgary in 2006, is a recipient of numerous awards, and has exhibited her work within Canada, United States, and Japan.

She currently resides in Montréal, QC, where she has recently completed her MFA from Concordia University in the Fall of 2011, and divides her time between her practice and eating croissants.”

Via: www.marigoldsantos.com

Check it out:

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Working Models: Building Pathways Toward Your Culture Council

On November 24th, the newly incorporated Electric City Culture Council (EC3) is teaming up with ARTSPACE to present the first in a series of community meetings to establish Peterborough’s Culture Council and it’s membership.

Anyone who is ready to be part of a new phase of local cultural development in Peterborough should join us!

Peterborough’s Culture Council aspires to represent a broad definition of culture and this summit seeks to bring together a collective vision of what you want your Culture Council to be.

During the day you will hear from three presenters: Andrea Halwa from the London Arts Council, Karen Dolan from the Kingston Arts Council, and Jan Allen, a Kingston-based cultural advocate. The sessions are presented as models of best practice to help guide and inform your decision-making and consensus building efforts as we develop the EC3.

Round table discussions will provide an opportunity for participants to develop pointed questions and specific directions as to the formation of the Culture Council and how it will operate. This will be further developed at a follow-up meeting to be set in the near future.

We are thankful to ARTSPACE for hosting, and the Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough for funding this event.”

The event will take place:

Saturday, November 24, 2012 from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Trinity United Church Social Hall
360 Reid St
Peterborough, ON K9J 2V7

To register for the event visit: http://electriccityculturecouncil-eorg.eventbrite.com

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Check It Out / November 8, 2012 – Jaz Harold

Check it out. Painter, sculptor, illustrator, art director Jaz Harold.


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Hesitations & Cymatic Imprints Opening This Saturday @artspaceptbo

This weekend check out Emily Hermant’s Hesitations and Donna Legault’s Cymatic Imprints at Artspace.

The show runs from Nov 10 2012 – Jan 5 2013

Opening Saturday November 10 2012 7pm till 11pm

(By the way the 10th also marks the opening of Artspace’s new Media Lab!)

378 Aylmer Street North, # 3,
Peterborough, ON, Canada
K9J 7X6
t: 705 748 3883

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Check It Out / November 5, 2012 – Peter Callesen

Check it out:

Via www.petercallesen.com:

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