Peterborough Gets Love

I totally lifted this from someone’s facebook status (Sorry Mike), but it was good and I had to share. It is an excerpt from the tour diary of a musician that had recently played at the Cannery, he drops a little love for Peterborough’s scene.

‘Peterborough wins for being the strangest place we have visited on tour yet. The kids are bike punk, art-queer, commie musicians with beautiful voices. The town is littered with vegan diners and galleries. And I’m baffled that people can build something amazing in the most unlikely places, making me second guess my own need to belong to something bigger than myself.’

Check the rest of the diary here;

Chrix Morix


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The Electric City Art Lodge is based in Peterborough, Ontario and focuses on the coverage of local artists, art and the artistic happenings of our city and beyond.
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One Response to Peterborough Gets Love

  1. I never thought of it that way, well put!

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