The Disposables – This Thursday

This Thursday The Cannery Arts Centre will be hosting an opening for artist Jes Sachse’s exhibition, the disposables. Jes sent over her artist statement, it’s an interesting concept and should be a great show. Check it out;

“in june of 2010, i started buying disposable cameras because i grew fascinated with the increasing pervasiveness of the digitizing of media.  every phone a camera, and every photograph awaiting a LIKE, i decided to forgo the thriftiness of the easy-to-manipulate digital camera for the freedom of the ten dollar disposable camera, and the wait-and-see-once-they’re-developed method quite forgiving of drunk whimsy and careless technique.

the rules were simple: no photographs would be uploaded onto Facebook/digital media, the photos taken would be candid as possible. i was free, as the original intent was, to make makeshift postcards to friends, pen pals, lovers, and acquaintances in the same city or across the world, and to locate the photographs as my art instead of public digital document.

what i did not anticipate when starting out on this journey, was the resistance that would be born over the course of the 9 month project period, between the myriad of friend-subjects and their desire to integrate an older analog medium into the Internet, and more specifically social media like Facebook, which has manufactured a culture simultaneously producing and consuming, documenting and creating, uploading and commenting on itself.

“are you putting this on Facebook?? why not?”

“why take pictures if you’re not going to upload them?”

as Facebook presses itself forward as the trusted and most-used locator of our memory, photographs require interpolation within a publicly accessible digital framework in order to allow us the freedom to engage as we choose, with what is decidedly ‘our’ memory and identity.

what is displayed on the walls on the cannery arts centre is every photograph that has remained in my possession, in the hundreds. several were in fact mailed away as postcards, some were lost in the crypt of my artist apartment, and a few were stolen by cheeky unnamed individuals. pictures of benches, arbitrary people, parties, friends, family outings, all taken with the original idea of a mailing art project.

i almost decided to destroy this project in its entirety, when challenged by the demands of this relationship, as an artist who never sought out to be a journalist, but was placed ambivalently in the role.

instead, i will invite you to view them here, and comment…in a forum that will physically dissolve in less than 72 hours.”

Entertainment will be provided downstairs by cousins & duzheknew. The show starts at 9pm. $10 or PWYC.


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