Looping Mechanisms – Opening Photos

Looping Mechanisms opened this past Friday and what a wild night. The reception was well attended and a lot of fun. The subsequent after parties lasted well into the night and I, as well as I am sure many others paid dearly for it on Saturday. Photo documentation of the actual festivities was blurry at best so I’ll keep those photos to myself but I at least managed to capture a few decent shots of the work and a couple preliminary crowd shots, attached below. The show will be up until July so get in to check it out for yourself.

This was a great start to a couple months of additional programming including workshops on indie publishing June 11, wheat-pasting June 18, digital DJ-ing June 25 and a closing party on June 30. Keep up with Artspace for further details;



About Electric City Art Lodge

The Electric City Art Lodge is based in Peterborough, Ontario and focuses on the coverage of local artists, art and the artistic happenings of our city and beyond.
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