Go Skateboarding Day – Photos

Tuesday June 21st was annual international go skateboarding day and Peterborough skateboarding enthusiasts celebrated with an all day event at the Peterborough skate park.
Flavour and West 49 were there coordinating contests and handing out product, while DJ Who spun some tunes and Artspace had a couple of graffiti artists doing a live painting demo.
There was a great turn out and great weather. It was really nice to see the different shops and organizations getting together to make this happen and also that music and art had some representation there this year as they are both also very important elements of skate culture. It amazes me how far the skateboard, arts and music scenes in Peterborough have come in the last decade and it makes me very proud to live here when events like this comes together. Hopefully we can keep it up for next year.

Working on a panel as part of Artspace’s graffiti demo;

The other panel;

One of the first contests was a best trick down the phase II rail;

Game of SKATE;

Chris Bishop won the high ollie contest clearing a total of eight boards, pictured below when he was at five;

Classic product toss scramble shot;

Finished panels from Artspace’s graffiti demo will be displayed in the Artspace front windows for the first few weeks of July after the closing of the Looping Mechanisms show. (If you haven’t been in to see Looping Mechanisms, check it out while you still can and come to the closing party on June 30th)

(Photo credits to Gloria Shapiro)


About Electric City Art Lodge

The Electric City Art Lodge is based in Peterborough, Ontario and focuses on the coverage of local artists, art and the artistic happenings of our city and beyond.
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