Behind The Yellow Line – Opening @ Artspace

This Friday evening, July 22 at 7pm, go down to Artspace and check out the opening reception for Behind the Yellow Line.

Behind the Yellow Line is a curated exhibition featuring the work of Jason Hallows, Adam Matak and Rachael Wong. The show positions several of Matak’s Museum Patrons to view pieces from Hallow’s Benchworks series and Wong’s Red Effect in an exploration of gallery going. Referring to security measures enforced by certain museums and galleries that protect artwork from bodily contact, the title considers institutional systems as regulators and constructors of our viewing habits.

Using a style synonymous with graphic novels and a scale and shape reminiscent of foam core super hero cutouts, Matak’s Patrons invite gallery visitors to reflect upon their own viewing patterns from a safe distance. Although painted on both sides, the Patrons do not have a front. The works become aesthetic objects as they deny facial connection, however, they remain approachable and familiar as they check their watches and slouch with boredom.

In Behind the Yellow Line, Matak’s Museum Patrons interact with sculptural works by Jason Hallows and Rachael Wong. Hallow’s Benchworks series is an exploration of sculpture-making. Building from salvaged studio materials, and undertaking a process of constructing, deconstructing and reconstructing; the pieces are as much a studio practice as they are a sculptural product. Wong’s Red Effect uses affixed pieces of blown glass to break the two-dimensional surface of a painted wall. Though appearing simple, the work in painstakingly installed, necessarily responding to cast shadows and site-specific light patterns.

(Image, Adam Matak)

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