Gallery in the house, Artsweek Artswalk

Gallery in the House presents, the 2011 Artsweek Artswalk A series of gallery houses will pop up all over the city core between September 10th-17th, showcasing local artists and the neighborhoods that inspire them. A walking tour of the galleries will be encouraged, as each will feature different artists, themes, and works, both for sale and for your enchantment… Visitors who get their maps stamped at each site will be able to enter a draw to win an original work of art.


151 O’Carrol Avenue (teacher’s college district)

5 Fleming Place (downtown)

82 McDonnel Street (Dickson’s Mills)

140 Hunter Street (downtown)

170 Dublin Street (North end)

King @ John St. in the avenues


All locations will be open Saturday, September 10th (11am-5pm), Sunday, September 11th (12pm-4pm) and Saturday, September 17th (11am-5pm).

In addition, each location will be open one day during Artsweek, from 4pm-8pm, as follows: Monday, 4-8pm: 151 O’Carrol Street
Tuesday, 4-8pm: 5 Fleming Place
Wednesday, 4-8pm: 82 McDonnel Street
Thursday, 4-8pm: 140 Hunter Street
Friday, 4-8pm: 170 Dublin Street
Monday-Friday, days: King/John Street location will be open all week (Avenues)

Participating artists thus far: John Climenhage, Rebecca Padget, Paul Oldham, Jo Mann, Matt Stetson, Esther Vincent, Sandy MacFarlane, Lucky Jackson, Jennifer Avis, Amy Jane Vosper, Holly Norris, Timothy Maton Designs, Gail Nicholson, Victoria Wallace, Jackson Creek Press, Steppenwill, Lyall Brownlee, Heidi denHartog, Roz Hermant, Beth McCubbin, Melanie McCall, Wayne Eardley, Brian Wagner, As well as installation works by Hartley Stephenson, Michael Duguay, and a collaborative work led by Jessica Rowland.

For more information, contact Liz Fennell, 743-6471, or email

About Electric City Art Lodge

The Electric City Art Lodge is based in Peterborough, Ontario and focuses on the coverage of local artists, art and the artistic happenings of our city and beyond.
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  1. Elizabeth Fennell says:

    Thanks Lyall!!

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