Two Openings Tonight in Peterborough

Mootpoint, is an installation by Mike Duguay. It is part of the Gallery in the house series for Artsweek and can be found on the top floor at Roy studio flats. 140 1/2 Hunter st. (The door is on the north side between George St. and Dreams Of Beans) Go check it out!


“Mootpoint began as an installation examining a very specific meridian between two distinctly opposing subjects. The point of that examination, however, quickly became synonym for moot. As the artist experienced significant changes in both his personal life and artistic career resulting in a lost interest in art and politics in general, the show’s original statement was abandoned and the work became an exploration of simple aesthetic. Drawing on, and inspired by the skills of collaborators through this process, the work took newer form with the discovery of a new poignancy; the irrevocable nature of personal identity.

The images of death exhibited in the installation, through the mediums of photography, stencil and found objects are no longer representation of ‘the death of art’ but the near-opposite: the enduring presence of artistic identity placed upon one who has created art. While works of art themselves can be dismantled, destroyed or hid away, the decomposition of the factual and tangible creation of said work cannot exist. Whether regarded as a source of pride, embarrassment or a haunting reminder of past glory or disappointment, the creation of work forever renders the creator ‘an artist’ and any attempt to escape that identity is impossible.”

(Masks designed and created by Lyall Brownlee. Photography by Bradley Boyle. Stencil design by Ben Tyne. With thanks to the Ontario Arts Council, Artspace, Zack Wood, Liz Fennel and Beth Mccubbin)

Craft in Binary: Technologies Of Community, a show curated by Fynn Leitch, hosted at the Art Gallery Of Peterborough


“Works from Eric Mercer, Katie Waugh and the Viral Knitting Project are brought together to explore connections between social media, craft and protest. Looking at crafting and computing as technologies of social organization, the show questions the nature of community, whether momentary, geographical, or trans-local, emphasizing the importance of social connection within activist culture.

Virtual communities utilize the language of binary coding. Woven and knitted textiles also speak through a two-word vocabulary; knit/purl, warp/weft. Historically, the technology of the 18th century Jacquard loom gave rise to the punch cards from which early computers worked. Today, social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and WordPress are used to organize, document and spread everything from the world’s best pancake recipe to large-scale shutdowns of international banking systems. Craftivism, the practice of crafting as political activism, is an eloquent tool of the anti-globalization and peace movements. Pulling from familiar and nostalgic memories, craftivists speak accessibly within a traditionally loud and aggressive culture.

Simple structures underlay so many complex relationships. Whether gathered in a room of quilters, tagging friends in last night’s photos, or adding to a hot thread, the making of together is itself a social movement.”

About Electric City Art Lodge

The Electric City Art Lodge is based in Peterborough, Ontario and focuses on the coverage of local artists, art and the artistic happenings of our city and beyond.
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