Check It Out / September 27, 2011 – Sacha Federowsky


“Sacha federowsky, results from urkrainian diaspora, is born in Strasbourg (France). After long universities studies in medias and digital arts sociology, and a vagrancy around several continents, he becomes in 2004, by evidence, professionnal photographer and graphic designer. Actually, he lives in the south of France, in Toulouse.
An “often compulsive” photographer, using the digital technology advantages, his obsessions and set of themes, turn around memories, relation to bodies, intimacy, and globally, what we “pre-feel” from the inside and we can see sometimes outside. a detail, an attitude, a glance, a story, a day dreaming. what our humanity is made.”

English may not be Sacha’s strong point, but I love these photos. Check it out;


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One Response to Check It Out / September 27, 2011 – Sacha Federowsky

  1. ian says:

    yeahhhh nice perfect.

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