Check It Out / November 28, 2011 – Jesse Gelaznik

“My drawings are an exploration of the subconscious inspired in part by the principles of Automatic Drawing from Austin Osman Spare; a process of intuitive thought by which the subconscious creates spontaneous imagery through the use of the line. I allow the line to emerge and manifest itself into form like ectoplasm emerging from the mouth of a spirit medium. I also burn elements of the drawing in the same way a magickian burns a sigil to release one’s desires and will into the universe. My music and film work are also affected in this exploration of the subconscious to produce desired hypnotic effects; to provide a dreamscape of allegorical narratives. Ultimately, my drawings, films, and musical pieces provide the viewer with an evocative escape from the physical plane into a psychical realm.”

Check it out;


About Electric City Art Lodge

The Electric City Art Lodge is based in Peterborough, Ontario and focuses on the coverage of local artists, art and the artistic happenings of our city and beyond.
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