Call For Submissions / MINI GOLF – a social practice

MINI GOLF – a social practice
Cambridge Galleries
Call for entry

Mini Golf – a social practice is an exciting 9-hole course designed by nine teams of artists, and laid out across downtown Cambridge beginning and ending at Queen’s Square Gallery. Reflecting on the use of public spaces, urban development trends and issues of access, artists will develop projects that reflect individual sites and conditions. Collectively, this series of installations will provoke discussions around space usage, land value, and the role of spectacle in social engagement.

Iga Janik, curator of Mini Golf – a social practice has invited a selected number of artists to create five of the nine holes for the exhibition taking place over the summer months in 2012. The remaining four holes are open to national competition. Artists working in all mediums are invited to apply.

Details are as follows:
Each hole must be safe and functional for public play;
Construction may take place on site or in a studio for final installation in chosen location (by negotiation between curator and artist);
Cambridge Galleries cannot ensure longevity of the work. Please consider the weather conditions, public use, and durability. Artists should be comfortable with the work remaining in a public space throughout the summer. Provisions for maintenance and repairs should be made by artists in their proposals and based on the design criteria of each project.

Your proposal must include:
Brief description of the hole / letter of intent (one page maximum)
Drawings, sketches, or other examples that illustrate ideas for the hole
Up to 5 (digital) images of previous work which would illustrate the artist’s ability to deliver the proposed construction
Artist CV and brief Bio (2 pages total)
Budget (estimated cost of production)
Optional description of ideal location (green, urban, alley-way, parking lot etc.)

Please submit all materials in digital format (word, pdf, jpg) on a single CD. Materials will not be returned. Although fair consideration will be given to each submission, only artists whose proposals have been selected will be contacted.

This is a two stage competition.
Preliminary proposals are due: January 13, 2012 (postmarked)
Shortlisted artists will be contacted by: February 1, 2012

Exhibition dates: July 6 – September 16, 2012
Budget: $2500/project (production honorarium and artist fee)

Please note: selected artists may be invited to take part in symposia that will conclude the exhibition. All participating artists may be subjected to a mini-golf tournament following the launch of the exhibition.

For further information please contact Iga Janik, Curator, Cambridge Galleries at or 519-621-0460 x124.

This project is being curated in conjunction with Common Ground, a city wide exhibition of programs related to land, city, public access and future of space use and function in medium-sized communities. It has been conceptualized to include projects by artists and landscape architects in partnerships with universities and environment preservation organizations.

Send your submissions to:
Mini Golf – a social practice
c/o Iga Janik, Curator
Cambridge Galleries
1 North Square, Cambridge ON N1S 2K6


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