Steppenwill’s Miroir Noir in Montreal

Peterborough artist, STEPPENWILL Don Wallddizzy has a new exhibition of mixed media work entitled, “Miroir Noir” opening at LE CHEVAL BLANC (809 Ontario Rue E) in Montreal.

The opening will be held on January 9, 2012 at 5pm.

MIROIR NOIR. Mixed media de Wallddizzy/Steppenwill. Vernissage lundi 9 janvier 2012, 17h. Bienvenue au monde entier!

These images are created largely through automatic and chance operations. The challenge is to make ways to make series of evocative, non-objective images that have the openness of say, divination (eg black mirror) or even projective tests used as used in psychotherapy. At this time I am interested with artwork that is only possible – only complete through the reflection of/with the imagination of the viewer.

Why? the goal is to produce sets of open non authoritative images. there is a great value in experiences of observing things and not being sure whether it is mostly your own imagination that is being seen. it is a simultaneous looking outward and looking inward that i strive for. in a environment that can be so authoritarian – both politically and nervously it is imagination, and responsibility of perception that i am developing methods of encouraging.

How? the pixilated images; are made from interference patterns of a regular grid. to get nuanced patterns, noise must be introduced to the process. without noise the interference patterns make a cycle and are not fantastically individual. the process is much like growing ice crystals. dust (noise) is needed to germinate the crystal. i find the results sometimes to be highly suggestive not unlike a mandala or a Rorschach blot.
the biomorphic images; the original drawings come from automatic scribbling within a loose set of rules. then the drawings are scanned while moving the image rhythmically over the scanner. the resulting prints become part of a continuing process of scrying, drawing then scanning. they have there own rhythm to begin with. there is a resulting poly rhythmic image, both ruled over and chaotic.


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