Steppenwill’s Miroir Noir In Toronto

Steppenwill just sent over some info and images for an upcoming show which opens in Toronto this Sunday. The card games and as always the new paintings look very intriguing, if you are able too, you should definitely check this out!

“This is a pit-stop show in between two other Miroir Noir shows in Montreal. This date in Toronto is sponsored by one of my favourite brasseries, McAuslan. The show is keeping on with subjective image-making. The use of automatic drawing, chance operations and cut-ups is to produce open forms with respect to the viewer’s imagination. In the challenge to produce subjective and evocative imagery and honour the viewer as a participant – I’ve made several card games and original card decks. These games and decks require the participation of both imagination and cunning.” (Steppenwill)

A reception will commence at 6pm Sunday April 8th.

Steppenwill will be vending that day on Augusta Ave if anybody would like to check out the all-day side walk gift shop. Weather permitting you’ll be able to see some card games and paper ephemery.


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