“The Significance of Insignificant Matter”

Gallery in the Attic

An entire body of work, carefully imagined, envisioned, and executed, now fills the Work Room at Gallery in the Attic.

It’s the brainchild of Lyall Brownlee, and you’ll probably either love it, or hate it. Lyall’s work has an effect on you; you can’t be neutral towards his creations, they demand your attention.

The current show includes painting, sculpture, video and animation, but it all works together and its parts speak to the whole. He’s been called the “Tolkein of weird” by Trout in Plaid… but personally I think he’s the love-child of Matt Groening and Hieronymous Bosch. Read his artists’ statement below, then come see the show to decide for yourself.  ~ EF

On till the 29th of March, Tuesday-Saturday 11AM-5PM


The Significance of Insignificant Matter
by Lyall Brownlee

In our physical universe extraneous particles of matter are organized by invisible forces to become the objects which form…

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