About the Electric City Art Lodge:

The Electric City Art Lodge is an ongoing and ever evolving project by Peterborough based artist Lyall Brownlee. As the production of art requires many hours alone slaving away with your medium the artistic process can be a personally isolating adventure. This case is amplified outside of large urban centers where cultural resources may be sparse, and like-minded individuals may be few and far between leading to fewer opportunities for artistic centric social outlets.
The sense of loneliness associated with the commitment to a painting practice in a small city is what led to thoughts of how community can be built within a small social group known for a sort of self-imposed exile, and thus was born The Electric City Art Lodge.
The Electric City Art Lodge is a vessel to expand the artistic process beyond the studio, to reach out and bring together fellow artists in the community, to explore the many different aspects of the cultural system, to study and comment on the artistic landscape in Peterborough and across Canada.

This Blog is the internet home of the Electric City Art Lodge and is a vehicle to share the happenings of the ECAL project, and the chronicling of my experience of the art community including other artist’s work, exhibitions, and opportunities.

If you have any comments, suggestions or are interested in collaborating/sharing with The Electric City Art Lodge please contact:

About Lyall Brownlee:

Lyall Brownlee is a self-taught multi-media artist based in Peterborough, Ontario. First introduced to art through skateboard culture as a youth Lyall’s artistic interests have broadened over time but his aesthetic and DIY approach remain true to those early influences.
Lyall has exhibited consistently in group and solo shows for the past decade. His work has been shown in artist run centers, commercial galleries and alternative spaces in Peterborough, Toronto and Vancouver.


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